Business FAQs

FAQ’s for business

1. What is the contract length?
All contracts are for a 12-month period unless otherwise agreed.

2. What does a single site mean?
This is one physical business premises.

3. What does each additional/multi site mean?
This relates to every physical business premises signed up after the first business premises.  It is also used in reference to each voucher created for an online business.

4. Can I set-up an additional site at a later stage during my contract?
Yes, you will need to contact us at to discuss the fee on an individual basis. The new site will pay a pro-rata fee for the remainder of the year to correspond with your existing site’s contract. If you wish to then renew the contract, it will then become the 12-month subscription for the forthcoming year.

5. Can I cancel my contract?
You have 14 days in the event that you change your mind. Please contact us at to obtain a refund.

6. I wish to change my offer on my voucher, what should I do?
Login to your voucher control panel and amend the content where appropriate. Please allow a 72 hour period for your voucher to be approved and changed on the website.

7. I wish to remove my voucher completely, what should I do?
Notify us immediately to arrange this. If this is within your 14-day cancellation period, then a refund will be issued. If it is outside of the 14 days, then you will not be entitled to a refund.

8. What Identification must be presented to redeem a voucher?
It is of the discretion of the management team/owner which ID is acceptable. This will generally be a photographic ID to deter fraudulent voucher usage. MBV will not be held accountable for any disputes regarding the redemption of a voucher. For an online business it is important that you have a system in place to detect and decline multiple discount code use. You should allow usage in line with the core MBV scheme.

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