FAQ’s for consumers

1. My birthday is before the 8th February 2017, will I receive access to the vouchers?
No, the vouchers will be automatically available from February 1st 2017 so will only apply if your birthday is on the 8th February 2017 or thereafter.

2. Can I use more than one voucher?
The individual vouchers are limited to one voucher per person, to be downloaded and redeemed within a timeframe of 7 days prior to your birthday and 7 days after, 15 days in total. On online business will only allow you to redeem one birthday voucher per year, the equivalent to your birthday.

3. I do not have photographic identification; can I still use my vouchers?
It is at the sole discretion of the individual business that is providing the voucher whether they would accept another form of identification. MBV will not be held responsible for any disputes regarding the redemption of any voucher, including the use for online transactions.

4. Can someone else use my voucher?
No, all vouchers include the name of the holder and this must correspond with the proof of identification supplied to the chosen business.

5. The business has changed or removed the voucher offer, what should I do?
Management have the right to remove/amend a voucher at any given time, without prior notice, as stated in the terms of use. However please email us at info@mybirthdayvouchers.co.uk to notify us.

6. Can I subscribe more than one person to a single email address?
No, only one person per email address can subscribe.

7. I have changed email address, what should I do?
Simply re-subscribe using your new email address and unsubscribe your existing account.

8. How do I redeem my vouchers?
You have 2 options. The first is to download the voucher on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. The second is to download and print the hardcopy voucher. You will need both the voucher and photographic identification to redeem in a physical business. To redeem online vouchers, see the individual voucher terms and conditions. Please note, some of the offers will not require you to download a voucher. These vouchers/offers will be adverts for the third party merchant only. Each advert will display the required redemption details. In the instance when MBV has referred a user to a merchant we may receive a commission. This commission is used to ensure that the MBV website can operate and to allow us to continue bringing you great offers.

9. Can I redeem my vouchers online?
We do have online retailer’s that offer birthday vouchers. These businesses have system’s in place to detect multiple use of the same discount codes/redemption methods. In many instances, you will only be able to use one voucher per person/household per year. See individual voucher terms and condtions.

10. No vouchers are displaying for my local area?
You may not have any local businesses currently set-up within your local area at present. MBV are working hard to subscribe businesses and if no vouchers show for your local area then feel free to contact us to make us aware.

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